Sneaky Sasquatch (2019)

Banished by the Rangers of the local national park to the empty lot of the campground, Sasquatch is hungry and he knows he will have to be sneaky in order to be satiated. But he also has a mission: prevent the evil Mr. Pemberton from buying the national park. Collecting all the treasures is required if you want to accomplish your ultimate goal.

Released exclusively on Apple Arcade and developed by Vancouver-based RAC7, Sneaky Sasquatch is a fun game where you have to guide your furry friends to the bags left unattended by campers so they can eat what’s inside. But you must act quick as the Rangers have a habit of popping up.

Finally, you must put an end to Mr. Pemberton’s shenanigans from the inside. What better way to achieve the desired result than to infiltrate his company, R Corp, and climb the corporate ladder? Only then will the national park be truly safe.

Review by Antoine Clerc-Renaud

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Family, Indie Games

Canadian connection

Developed by RAC7
Vancouver, BC