Sort of (2021- )

Sabi’s (Bilal Baig) life isn’t going the way they envisioned. As a gender-fluid millennial in a gig economy, Sabi is a nanny to their friend Bessy’s (Grace Lynn Kung) two precocious kids, a bartender at an LGTBQ+ bar, and lives with their sister Aqsa (Supinder Wraich). They meet skepticism about their identity in everyday life without missing a beat and take up space in a slow-to-accept-change world. Their best friend, 7ven (Amanda Cordner), is an emerging artist with no filter, and Sabi plans to move to Berlin with 7ven since nannying and bartending isn’t leading to much. There’s also their confused boyfriend Lewis (Gregory Ambrose Calderone), who begs to “be seen” by his partners, and, after they break up, thinks his true love is Sabi. Of course, Sabi hasn’t revealed their non-binary identity to their traditional Pakistani mother, Raffo (Ellora Patnaik), which doesn’t help either. When Bessy suffers a life-threatening accident and Sabi decides to put their life on hold to help Bessy’s traumatized husband Paul (Gray Powell) with the kids, everything becomes more complicated.

With a sharp-witted script, lovable, fully realized characters and countless face-palm moments, Sort Of is the type of sitcom the new millennium needs. Baig, who co-writes and co-created the show with Fab Filippo, brings the first Canadian non-binary Muslim character to broader audiences with charm, grace and lots of laughs.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Amanda Cordner, Bilal Baig, Grace Lynn Kung, Gregory Ambrose Calderone, Supinder Wraich

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LGBTQ2+, MADE Better

Canadian connection

Created by Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo
Toronto, Ontario
Baig is an acclaimed playwright with works staged in Ontario and Quebec and a mentor and advocate for trans and queer people.