Speed Dating for Ghosts (2018)

Recommended by Indigo Doyle
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Speed Dating for Ghosts is both quirky and profound thanks to witty dialogues and simple black-and-white line art. The gameplay is simple: you, an unnamed ghost, join a speed dating event and click dialogue boxes to interact with the ghost across from you. At the end, you pick a ghost and go on a date of its choice.

The game plays more like a visual novel than an in-depth dating sim. Most of the ghosts are not really looking for romance, but more for someone to share an experience with. There are over a dozen of them, each with unique takes on life, death, and how to live a meaningful life. 

This one offers about two hours of gameplay, and for a game about ghosts, provides surprisingly deep commentary on how complex and lovely people can be!

Indigo Doyle is a 3D artist and a game designer currently working on RollerGirl




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Canadian connection

Developed by Copychaser Games
Calgary, AB