Superhost (2021)

A dangerous retreat awaits in Superhost.

Influencer couple Teddy (Vancouver’s Osric Chau) and Claire (Newfoundland’s Sara Canning) run their vlogging channel called “Superhost” with an angle is to visit different getaway destinations and rate their stay and amenities. When they finally get a booking at a sought-after house in the mountains, they jump at the chance to boost their dwindling subscribers.

Their welcome to the picture-perfect house is a strange one. Rebecca (Gracie Gillam) arrives to get them settled in but in the most unsettling way. Teddy and Claire are puzzled by their exuberant host, and when they realize there are cameras in most rooms, their suspicion grows, and Rebecca gets weirder. Their worries about likes and subscriptions become a shadow of the madness that awaits them.

Strong performances carry this suspense-filled satire on influencer culture. Chau’s mild-mannered Teddy is a great contrast to Canning’s dry delivery, and Gillam’s maniacal cheer gives Misery’s Annie Wilkes a run for her money. With a fantastic cameo from veteran scream queen Barbara Crampton, the audience is treated to three strong women in horror. Written and directed by Brandon Christensen, who brought us the creepy Z, Superhost offers many fun horror moments and clever dialogue, making this dream trip the ultimate vacation from Hell.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Gracie Gillam, Osric Chau, Sara Canning

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Canadian connection

Writer/Director Brandon Christensen
Osric Chau is a familiar face with reoccurring roles in the series Supernatural and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, both filmed in British Columbia. Sara Canning had a supporting role in Christensen’s Z and starred in the 2018 festival hit Level 16, directed by Danishka Esterhazy.