SurrealEstate (2021)

What if the house you wanted to sell was haunted? And what if you couldn’t give that house away even if you wanted to? That’s where Surreal Estate comes in.

Luke Roman (Tim Rozan), the “Real Estate Guy,” has a specialized real estate agency. He, along with his crew of ex-priest Father Phil (Adam Korson), lanky paranormal “IT” guy August Riley (Maurice De Wint), and goth office manager Zoe (Savannah Basely), comes to the aid of those who are dealing with unwanted ghostly activity that makes their homes unsellable. The team’s abilities are honed and perfected, but with a new agent, Susan (Sarah Levy), who also has a keen sense for the supernatural — and a secret or two — she adds a fresh take on pesky spectres. Each episode brings them a new challenge, like telekinesis and clingy, angry entities to expel, and at the center of their work is a home owned by Megan (Tenille Read), a woman Luke is drawn to. It’s chock full of ghosts and hides a portal that involves Luke’s mother, her disappearance and evil forces.

A fun and snappy script, great performances, and supernatural mayhem are what you’ll find with Surreal Estate. Filmed in beautiful Newfoundland and Labrador, fans of the show also get an eyeful of the gorgeous Canadian landscapes. With episodes directed by Danishka Esterhazy, Paul Fox, and Melanie Scarfano — better known as Wynona Earp — and cameos by Art Hindle, Canada’s genre royalty, this is a full-on Canadian affair with a lot of heart.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Sarah Levy, Tim Rozan

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Canadian connection

Sarah Levy and Tim Rozan played couple Twyla and Mutt on the award-winning series Schitt’s Creek.