Take This Waltz (2011)

Margot’s (Michelle Williams) life is about to be upended after a work trip. A chance meeting with Daniel (Luke Kirkby) in Cape Breton is extended as seatmates on a plane ride home to Toronto. Their shared taxi ride leads to a tentative flirtation, and, to their surprise, they learn they live on the same street. Margot does the right thing and reveals that she’s married before things go any further. With his hopes dashed, Daniel watches Margot head home a stone’s throw away to her husband Lou (Seth Rogen).

Lou and Margot are in love, his crazy family adores her, and her life looks great. However, things within their relationship aren’t as good as they seems, and she is drawn to Daniel. He calls her permanently restless—she’s an unfulfilled writer and immature, knowing and not knowing what she wants from Lou and wanting to find something else with Daniel. While the thought of a summer affair is thrilling, for this married woman, it’s a realization that changes in her relationship are becoming harder to ignore.

Titled after the famous Leonard Cohen song, Take This Waltz goes inside an emotional affair. This arms-length intimacy dances around taking the next step towards infidelity, revealing how telling the preamble to a physical entanglement can be. Written and directed by Sarah Polley, the bright summer setting is no comfort for Margot and Daniel’s emotional turmoil. With Toronto as the city backdrop, Polley gives us a very human snapshot of a young couple growing up and away from each other.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Seth Rogen




Free to Watch, Love Stories, Women's Stories

Canadian connection

Written and directed by Sarah Polley
Toronto, Ontario