The Danish Poet (2006)

A sad, uninspired poet sets off a chain of unlikely events that create the narrator’s origin story.

Danish poet Kaspar, plagued by writer’s block, goes to see a psychiatrist, who suggests he go on vacation to Norway. Since, according to the medical professional, Norway is practically Denmark and vice versa, Kaspar does some research for his getaway. At the library, he finds Norwegian writer Sigrid Undsett’s 1500 page saga of Kristin, her arranged marriage and her true love. Inspired by the story, Kaspar writes to the author, asking for a visit. Arriving in Norway but deterred by heavy rain, Kaspar takes refuge at a farm, where the farmer’s daughter Ingeborg catches Kaspar’s eye. Like Kristin, Ingeborg is engaged to someone else, but she vows to grow her hair until she can be reunited with Kaspar, who goes back to Denmark broken-hearted. Their separation brings about more events that show fate has a way of bringing true love together.

This charming fairy tale about fate, love and happiness takes us from Denmark to Norway and back, with brightly coloured animation and narration by Norwegian actress Liv Ullman. Award-winning animator and director Torill Kove won an Oscar in 2006 for best animated short for The Danish Poet. It was her second nomination and first win at the Academy Awards.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette

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Animated Stories, Love Stories, Oscars

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Directed by Torill Kove