The Heretics (2017)

Black Fawn Films is a staple in Canadian indie horror, and The Heretics is perfect for a Halloween horror movie night.

Gloria (Nina Kiri) lives with her mother Ruth (Nina Richmond) after being rescued from a traumatic cult event. She goes to group therapy at the local church and is trying to work through the memories of her ordeal. Her girlfriend Joan (Jorja Cadence) is protective of Gloria and their relationship, feeling like they were destined to be together. On the eve of their anniversary, Gloria is kidnapped by Thomas (Ry Barrett), who takes her deep into the woods, chaining her up in a tiny cabin. He’s determined to keep her there until the sun rises the next day, certain he is saving her from a terrible fate. As Joan and Ruth frantically search for Gloria, she becomes ill, and Thomas, haunted by his past, reveals more of why he took her. As Gloria’s condition worsens, we soon learn some of the people she trusted turn out to be a danger to everyone, and Gloria is part of something much bigger.

Director Chad Archibald, who brought us The Drownsman in 2014 and I’ll Take Your Dead in 2018, creates a creepy atmosphere with The Heretics and slowly reveals the real horror Gloria experiences. There’s tons of suspense with a puzzle to piece together before sunrise, and the cult/folk horror theme has some twists and turns brought to life by a great cast.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Jorja Cadence, Nina Kiri, Nina Richmond, Ry Barrett

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Canadian connection

Directed by Chad Archibald, written by Jayme Laforest
Archibald has directed episodes of Creepy Canada, a 2006 TV series that investigated paranormal activities and hauntings around Canada.