The Long Dark (2014)

Built by the Canadian team at Hinterland in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Long Dark is a survival game that takes pride in its realism. Players assumes the role of Will Mackenzie, a pilot who becomes stranded in the frigid Northern Canadian wilderness and has to survive to the best of his abilities. This is achieved by staying warm, hydrated, fed and rested.

The game offers three different modes: an episodic Story mode that offers structure, context and some clear goals; Survival mode in which players have to rely on their skills and stay alive as long as possible; and finally a Challenge mode with some special and specific objectives to accomplish.

Not only the environment is harsh but the wildlife can be responsible for your demise like when you meet a wolf in the dark of the night. However, the animals can be used as food if you have the adequate weapons to hunt them.

Review by Antoine Clerc-Renaud




Indie Games

Canadian connection

Built by Canadian developer Hinterland
Vancouver, BC
Gameplay available in three different modes