The Plateaus (2015)

When the Irish heartthrob lead singer of the indie rock band The Plateaus dies in a tragic amp malfunction, the rest of his band (made up of series creators Annie Murphy, Kyle Gatehouse and Matthew Raudsepp) must figure out how to go on without their main songwriter. Quickly, Jimp (Kevin McDonald) jumps in to offer his services as their manager, but he has his own problems (mainly some mysterious catnabbing nuns who are out to get him).

Each 15-minute episode of this web series follows the band as they’re stalked by a cult, a radio DJ, and Sam Robert (played by Sam Roberts), all who are either obsessed with the band or the mystery of their deceased lead singer’s missing tunes.

Rock stardom is ripe territory for satire — as projects like Spinal Tap and Bad News have proven — and Murphy was inspired to create a series skewering indie rockers through her experience observing the scene via her partner Menno Versteeg, frontman for Hollerado. Part of the joy of this series is spotting the many cameos and blasts from the past. One of the most satisfying is The Plateaus’ rival band, Kiss Me I’m Stylish, whose members are all ex-Popular Mechanics for Kids hosts.

Review by Lindsay Gibb


Annie Murphy, Kevin McDonald, Kyle Gatehouse

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Canadian connection

Written by and starring Annie Murphy, Kyle Gatehouse & Matthew Raudsepp, featuring Kevin McDonald
Toronto, Ontario