The Sea Beast (2022)

Kitchener-raised Chris Williams reintroduces complex storytelling and visuals into children’s animation with The Sea Beast

For hundreds of years, mankind has been plagued by sea beasts determined to wreak havoc. Financially supported by the King and Queen, the crew of the Inevitable is famous for successfully hunting these beasts. In an effort to maintain their reputation and position in the hunting game, the crew goes on a journey to capture the relentless beast known as Red Bluster. They are unknowingly joined by an orphan girl named Maisie Brumble, who is inspired to stow away on the Inevitable after losing both her parents during a hunt.

The stunning animation is amplified by the story’s ability to explore the imperfections of heroes, making The Sea Beast an entertaining watch for adults and children alike.

Review by May Gezahegn

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Animated Stories, Family

Canadian connection

Chris Williams, who is from Kitchener, Ont., is an animation director who has worked at Walt Disney Studios and on films such as Big Hero 6 and Moana.