UglyDolls (2019)

Where do the dolls that don’t quite fit the cookie-cutter image of a perfect toy go? They’re blasted from The Doll Factory’s conveyor belt to Uglyville, where “square peg” lumpy and bumpy dolls fit in a round hole town life happily. In this zany world where less-than-perfect dolls live in harmony, Moxy (Kelly Clarkson), a bright pink blob with a brilliant smile, feels she has a bigger purpose on the outside—the “Big World”—where a child awaits a doll just like her to cuddle.  Every day is potentially “the day” to move to the Big World for Moxy until she finally tires of waiting and rallies her friends to strike out on their own. Molly and the little group of smushy, rainbow-coloured toys embark on an adventure and the unknown with a head full of dreams.

They soon end up at the Institute of Perfection, where perfect dolls learn to navigate all the hazards of being a toy. Moxy and her crew don’t fit in with this group, but that doesn’t phase her. Unfortunately, their determination might be sidetracked by Kitty (Charlie XCX) and her perfect doll crew and Lou (Nick Jonas), the institute’s star doll and head trainer. Lou doesn’t approve of their odd looks and wants to send them home to Uglyville, but Moxy intends to prove him wrong. The Uglyville crew will run The Gauntlet, a test to get them to the Big World, but there are secrets and dangers they must deal with first.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez in 2019, UglyDolls stars musical heavyweights like Janelle Monae, Blake Shelton and Pitbull alongside Clarkson and Jonas. The story about being yourself and loving your flaws is full of musical numbers and leaves you rooting for the “under doll.” Amination teams from the Montreal branch of the Reel FX Studios, along with studios in the US and China, brought these kooky characters to life.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette

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Animated Stories, Family

Canadian connection

Effects by The Reel FX
Montreal, Quebec