UnearthU (2021)

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UnearthU is a multimedia experience created by Canadian artist Kara Stone, in collaboration with Parul Wadhwa, Andy DiLallo, and Chris Kerich. 

Taking place over the course of seven days in real time, it appears at first to be an wellness app created by a Silicon Valley startup called FRTHR, which uses an artificial intelligence system named KARE to guide you through meditation exercises, inspirational lectures, and journal prompts. 

However as you progress through the app you eventually discover that more disturbing things are happening below the surface, culminating in a powerful critique of capitalism and its toll on the environment and on ourselves.

Squinkifer is a game designer and one of the cofounders of Soft Chaos, a worker co-op based in Montreal




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Canadian connection

Developed by Kara Stone, Parul Wadhwa, Andy DiLallo, and Chris Kerich
Calgary, Alberta