Yellowjackets (2021)

It’s 1996, and the Yellowjackets are an ambitious girls’ high school soccer team with their eye on the nationals. They are the school’s saving grace, and Jackie (Elle Purnell), the team captain, is pretty, popular and driven. Her best friend Shauna (Canadian Sophie Nélisse), who loves her friend dearly, is quiet with a secret, wilder side, and together they plan for their upcoming college days. Their teammates Taissa (Jazmin Savoy) is the tough go-getter, Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) the rebel and Misty (Samantha Hanratty), the nerdy coaches assistant. All the girls are pumped for the big game, but the day before they leave, newcomer and freshman Allie (Tonya Cornelisse) gets injured, causing a rift in the team.

Tensions run high as they get on a small plane to head to the nationals, and we see the inner workings of the relationships between the girls. When the plane hits trouble and crashes in the wilderness, the girls go into full survival mode as the team tends to the injured, bury the dead and have to figure out how to survive until they are rescued. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, and life starts to disintegrate as the rescue looks further and further away. Twenty-five years later, the trauma of the incident haunts the surviving girls, who are now women, as they try to carry on with their lives. Haunted by flashbacks, we see how they survive, how they manage as adults and the web of lies and intrigue woven around one hugely traumatic event. But some secrets die hard, and a pesky reporter is looking for a scoop, and there are mysterious letters received, sexy strangers, old relationships, and everyone has something to hide.

Yellowjackets has a robust Canadian cast and stars Juliette Lewis, Melanie Lynskey, and Christina Ricci as the adult versions of Natalie, Shauna and Misty. The series is filmed in Vancouver and treats viewers to a gory and strange rollercoaster ride of a drama seasoned with great mid-90s music, mystery and perhaps the mystical.

Review by Carolyn Mauricette


Sophie Nélisse

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Horror, Women's Stories

Canadian connection

Starring Sophie Nélisse
Vancouver, BC
An episode of Yellowjackets was directed by Deepa Mehta, the acclaimed Canadian director.